Yerevan Armenia
JULY 4–12 2017

General conditions

“Armenia” International Piano Competition and Festival will be held in Yerevan from July 4 to 12, 2017.

The Competition is aimed at identifying talented young pianists worldwide.

The Competition is open for applicants of any nationality. The age limit of participants must be not older than 34 years inclusive at the date of the opening ceremony of the Competition (July 4, 2017).

“Armenia” International Piano Competition consists of 2 rounds.

No more than 20 participants will be selected to participate in the 2nd round.

By decision of the jury, a larger number of participants can be admitted to the next round of the Competition.

All works must be performed by heart.

Each participant is free to decide the order of his/her pieces during the performance. The duration of participant's performance must not exceed the maximum allowable time.

The Competition will provide a contestant with a room to practice before performance during each round at least 2 hours for each round.

All rounds of the Competition are open for the public.

The order of appearance of participants will be determined by a random draw and will be kept till the end of the Competition.

All rights to recording and broadcast of the Competition and the final concerts of the winners (as also to the sale and distribution of the forgoing materials) belong to the Competition Committee; participants will not be compensated.

All the finalists of the Competition are obliged to give a gratis performance at the closing ceremony and the concerts of the Laureates of the Competition with no financial reimbursement.

How to Apply

Fill the Application for participation.

At the request of a number of participants, the organizing Committee of the "Armenia" International Piano Competition has decided to extend the acceptance of applications till June 20, 2017 inclusive to provide time to the new participants to send the necessary documents to participate in the competition.

The completed application form should be attached with copy of admission fee payment order. No application will be considered without payment confirmation document.

The applicants will get an invitation to participate at the competition till 28 June 2017.