Yerevan Armenia
JULY 4–12 2017

Prizes of the Competition

1st Prize

• Reward 10,000 Euro
• Laureate Diploma
• One concert during 2017-2018 or 2018-2019 concert seasons with orchestra suggested by the Competition.

2nd Prize

• Reward 5,000 Euro
• Laureate Diploma 

3rd Prize

• Reward 3,000 Euro
• Laureate Diploma

Special Prizes

The Competition will provide additional special prizes and awards, which will be granted during the closing ceremony of the Competition.

• Reward 2,000 Euro for the best interpretation of the pieces from "Childhood Memories" Suite by Alexei Shor.

• The best 5 finalists will take part in Malta International Piano Competition (Total Prize Fund: 200,000 Euro) which will be held in april 2018.
Malta International Piano Competition will cover all local expanses of the contestants.